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Product Demonstration

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

On the 26th to 27th July 2022, Denka held a product demonstration event to allow customers to understand and to see first hand of our Denka products. On the first day, the opening session was done by DCSM Managing Director, Mr Nagao, before passing on to Sales department to continue with company introduction and summary of Denka overall products. Next, Technical department continued the presentation on Polyurea systems (Estoflex Solar 690 – Pure & Estoflex Solar – Hybrid). After completion of the presentations, participants and organizers were to move to another location at Impianti Sdn Bhd, where they were given the presentation on Polyurea spray machine and its product demonstration.

On 2nd day, the session started with on-site safety briefing by Safety Officer. Then the session continued by Technical Department on product information for Denka Supercement SC30 Concrete, SC30 Grout, Estopatch RSR and Denka Cosmic RD-M. After that, proceeded to product demonstration on all 4 products before lunch break. Unfortunately, we experienced electrical blackout during lunch which affected many locations in Klang Valley and throughout the country. Due to unseen circumstances, we ended the session early with group photo together with all the participants.

Demonstration of Denka Supercement SC30 Concrete.

Participants take part in the demonstration.

Participants from various companies:

1) PT Hissan Trading Indonesia

2) Akros Trading Thailand

3) YK Akros HQ, Denka Japan

4) Bumikhlas Sdn Bhd

5) Water Sealproof Services

6) Brilliantech Waterproofing Sdn Bhd

7) Ecomas Marketing

8) Threnoproof Sdn Bhd

9) Umbrella Fasteners & Contract Services Sdn Bhd

10) Pro Coating Enterprise

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