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To keep growing in business during this challenging and competitive environment in Malaysia, DCSM had conducted STANDARDS of BUSINESS CONDUCT and COMPLIANCE SEMINAR to all of employees in May, 12th 2023.

This seminar's objective is to increase the awareness of Standard of Business Conduct to all of DCSM’s employees and for them to have a better understanding on the Compliance and Criminal Law, especially in Malaysia.

Denka HQ Japan representative had explained the necessity of Standard of Business Conduct (SBC), including on how to react and the correct channel to lodge a report if our employees facing such issues and situation.

Besides that, representatives from Shearn Delamore & Co had explained regarding the criminal law in Malaysia, and also example of criminal actions so that we have clearer pictures on what should we do and what we should not do while conducting the business with our customers and suppliers.

With the aim to be one of the competitive players in this industry in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, DCSM are very optimistic to achieve our missions and targets and remain committed to act with full integrity and comply with all policies/compliances in everything we do when doing business.


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