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First Aid at Workplace Training, 5th~6h Sept 2023

DCSM has organized a training programme called First Aid at Workplace for two days on 5th & 6th September 2023 and 20 staffs participated in this training.

This training was conducted by a team from St. John Ambulans Malaysia, led by Ms. Chew Hoong Ling with more than 25 years qualification, assisted by Mr. Wong Sin Jie and Mr. Ying.

The objective of this programme is to provide immediate and effective first aid to workers or others who have been injured or become ill and the immediate treatment or care given until more advanced care is provided, or the person recovers.

This training contains theory and practical, which will provide the skills to manage emergency first aid situations, including managing the unconscious casualty, performing CPR, controlling bleeding, and managing other life-threatening situations. With the exposure and training given, hopefully all this will increase the awareness and promote being a First Aider who can save lives.


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