Construction Solutions

20 years of experience makes us the best

Company Information

Company name Denka Construction Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (DCSM)
Established September 2002
Managing Director Tokuzo Kamada
Denka investment ratio 100%
Malaysia office Johor, Penang
Overseas office Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong


In 2002, ESTOP Sdn Bhd (“ESTOP”) was established to produce building materials used in water proofing, flooring, surface treatments and coatings. Over the years, we have participated in many high profile projects such as the development of Johor’s Iskandar Puteri, PETRONAS’ RAPID Project, KVMRT and other projects in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. We have since become one of the main players in the Southeast Asian construction chemicals market.

In 2015, Denka Chemicals Holdings Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (“DCHA”) with its regional headquarter in Singapore, acquired a majority stake in the holding company of ESTOP and renamed the holding company as Denka Infrastructure Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“DISB”). Subsequently on 1st April 2018, DCHA acquired 100% of DISB, and ESTOP was renamed as Denka Construction Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“DCSM”).

In anticipation of rapid growth in infrastructure and civil engineering projects within the ASEAN region and Asia at large, DCSM shall continue to provide first class customer services and optimal solutions using advanced technology in construction chemicals products.

In this regard, DCSM shall continue to invest in R&D to be at the forefront of construction chemicals technologies. Our continuous effort to innovate is in line with Denka’s corporate slogan “Possibility of Chemistry” – to take on the challenge of expanding the possibilities of chemistry to create new value and contribute to sound social development.

As a dynamic company, DCSM will thrive through enabling our human capital to work towards achieving the Company’s objectives. We will provide meaningful career paths with a sense of social purpose while allowing our human capital to do their best for customers and infrastructural development for their communities. This of course entails investing in people development to enable them with leading-edge ability to serve our customers and maximize values for all stakeholders.

Putting in our best, we will strive to meet our main goal of becoming one of the leading construction chemicals producers in the world.


Since its founding in 1915, Denka has worked to contribute to social development and win the trust of society through manufacturing operations centered on chemical engineering.

In 2015, our centennial year, we established the “The Denka Principles” to determine our fundamental stance for business conduct, basic precepts that should be always referred to by employees, and the way we relate to society.

And 2016, we have established the corporate philosophy “The Denka Value”. It consists of the “The Denka Mission” and “The Denka Principles”. Taking a forward-thinking approach, we will act in line with our goal of helping to create a better society while maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.